World Alliance Forum

Mission Statement

The World Alliance Forum (WAF) seeks to gather the middle and working-class, together, in livestream quarterly meetings with the goal of addressing problems and solutions to counteract the interests of the global elite, who have caused social and economic hardship. The World Alliance Forum will act as a powerful counterbalance to the World Economic Forum in policy-making and protecting the sovereignty of the people. We aim to provide hope for humanity through education, positive initiatives, and life purpose so children and adults can shoot for the stars.

Our Pledge

We have a much larger vision than what’s written in Karl Schwab’s book. We collectively oppose the WEF, Bill Gates, and anyone who stands in the way of advancing and uniting society. This is the pledge of the World Alliance Forum members.

The World Alliance Forum

At these meetings, we aim to set a roadmap of goals, and develop a strategy and tactical plan to achieve results that benefit people in ways such as: securing our health and safety from government and oligarch control, better education for our children, laws that protect our children from trafficking, elimination of draconian medical mandates, securing parental rights, taking control of our sovereignty, growth, and securing a future from the sovereignty and control of oligarchs (e.g., Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab), who have shown the desire to take full control and power of global economies and to reshape the world in their image.

Our goal is to decentralize this enormous powerhouse of companies and government- infiltrated organizations, to prevent the 4th Reich, and provide a culture that is rich in purpose, personal growth, and unity among people. Although there is much to change, we will start with Covid mRNA vaccines and child trafficking. By showing there was no need for EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), we can hold all of those responsible for crimes in courts around the world. If laws don’t protect our children from human trafficking, then those in charge of creating the laws don’t care about people, and we will need to vote these politicians out of government.

Our Data Matters

By collecting data on what ordinary voters want, we can provide empirical data proving what the people want from their government and what value means to the people. After all, it’s the people that pay for the government. We need to collect this data, and use this data as a means of creating change. George Partsch, the founder of the World Alliance Forum, believes we can do this through blockchain technology, and a legitimate poll through a verified citizen account system. George believes that X is our solution to roll this technology out with speed.

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