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Wall Street bankers, oil barrens, pharmaceutical companies, and the military industrial complex. These nefarious entities control what happens in American politics. For too long, our elections have made us a more fractured and struggling society. We must elect a new kind of president, one who accepts the American people’s demands—not the demands of the oligarchs—and makes them happen.
The question is, who will that be?


Presidential Survivor
How it
  • We will conduct our own polls to find America’s favorite candidate. Unlike corporate media polls, our polling data won’t be influenced by a political agenda.
  • We are creating the World Alliance Forum, a powerful counterbalance to the World Economic Forum in policy-making and protecting the sovereignty of the people.
  • We believe polling secured in blockchain voting is the future of accelerating change, amending laws, and forcing our politicians to work for the people. This would allow the people to collect and provide empirical data in real-time so we can show politicians what the people want. This technology could be implemented quickly and could be used in the 2024 elections to reduce voter fraud, and is more efficient and environmentally friendly than ballow recounts, offering a lower carbon footprint.

Who Would 

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Who will be 
’d First?

The first elimination round will be on December 27


With the purchase of either product below, invented by Presidential Survivor founder, George Partsch, you will have the option to "opt-in" to a blockchain polling community.
When you “opt-in”, a dollar amount from each sale will go directly to building this electronic product, with the goal of sharing this data with X (formally Twitter), and Elon Musk. We believe the X platform would be a viable solution to conducting real-time polling data, sending a simple notification in a specific color indicating to participate in a live poll. This could be used for collecting data for creating change and with simple features, it could be used for securing our vote from voter fraud in the 2024 Presidential elections.

The goal of blockchain polling data will be

  1. Evidence to show politicians what changes they need to make that reflect value to the people.
  2. A means of securing our vote during the 2024 Presidential Election.

“Let’s create a system that provides the data, the proof, the value that the people want and need. It’s time we the citizens have indemnity when protecting our property, when protecting our families, when securing our homes. Let’s create positive actions that lead to a better life, for the future of our children, for the future of America and the people of the world”

George IV



    The oligarchy and the WEF have been conducting meetings for years to create a future that controls the people. It’s time we take control of our lives and create a forum for the people, it’s time we start the World Alliance Forum.

    When you join the World Alliance Forum, every dollar donated will be placed in a fund. Our goal is to file this as a non-profit foundation, and use the money towards creating actions including: litigation, organizing events (like peaceful protests, think Black Lives Matters), and conducting autopsies on the dying (suggested by Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. John Campbell), so we can better understand what is happening to the deceased, present this information to Congress, and make changes in government so this never happens again.

    Tired of Being Hurt by Politicians who Support the Oligarchy? 

    1. World Alliance Forum

      World Alliance Forum

      Mission Statement

      The World Alliance Forum (WAF) seeks to gather the middle and working-class, together, in livestream quarterly meetings with the goal of addressing problems and solutions to counteract the interests of the global elite, who have caused social and economic hardship. The World Alliance Forum will act as a powerful counterbalance to the World Economic Forum in policy-making and protecting the sovereignty of the people. We aim to provide hope for humanity through education, positive initiatives, and life purpose so children and adults can shoot for the stars.

    2. People's World Council

      People's World Council

      Journalists, employees, professionals, and whistleblowers have been courageous to act on their beliefs by sharing information in the hope of helping others. However, we are at a pivotal time in history, where sharing information is not enough. It’s time we come together, create a strategy, and carry out actions that is beneficial to cultivating society, protecting our sovereignty, strengthening our countries, and creating a future that benefits the people not the oligarchy. Together, we can create this strategy and roadmap and present this information at World Alliance Forum meetings where the donations from World Alliance Forum members will be allocated towards actions that benefit the people.

    Vox Populi, Vox Dei

    The voice of the people is the voice of God

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    Who will be 
    ’d Next?

    We will have weekly elimination rounds, and the final two presidential candidates will be invited to attend the World Alliance Forum, where they witness some of the changes We The People are working to achieve or expect the next President of the United States to support.


    Until next elimination

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